Frequently Asked Questions

What can I publish to the Shopee Seller Center?

When publishing a product to Shopee both the product and it’s variants will be created on Shopee. The product’s name, description, weight, stock and price will be sent to Shopee and the variant’s name, stock, price and SKU will be sent to Shopee.

Will the product's stock be synchronized after it is published?

Yes! Note that when you hit publish the item will appear on the Shopee store as 'Unlisted' so you'll have chance to check it before releasing it. It usually takes a few minutes to an hour before the Item appears on Shopee.

I have already created many products on Shopee before using your app. Can you help me synchronize them with my products on Shopify?

Yes! We will be happy to help you out for a small fee. Please email for details.

How do you connect the products between Shopee and Shopify? Are you doing it with the product name or the SKU?

Shopee and Shopify each assign their own internal IDs to their products. When you publish from the app I keep track of all the IDs and match the Shopee and Shopify IDs so they match. The product SKUs and names do not matter.

After I publish the product to Shopee, what happens if I manually change the product name, description or images on Shopee?

Stock syncing will work normally if you change the name, description, images etc on Shopee. The app keeps track of the products through Shopee and Shopify's internal IDs so it will not affect the links between them.
Note that after publishing the product the app only synchronizes the stock. The name, description, images will not be synced if you update them.

What happens when I manually update the stock in Shopify?

Manually updating the stock in Shopify will automatically update the stock in Shopee within minutes.

What happens when I manually update the stock in Shopee?

If you change the stock in Shopee without creating a new order, it will not update Shopify. Instead it will match the Shopify stock whenever the Shopify stock updates. Whenever there is a difference in Shopify and Shopee stock the app assumes that the Shopify stock is the correct number and updates Shopee to be the same.

Are there limitations when publishing to Shoopee?

Shopee only allows 20 variations per item. When publishing Shopify products with more 20 variations, Shopee Channel will only publish the first 20 variants.

Shopee only allows 9 images per item. When publishing Shopify products with more 9 images, Shopee Channel will only publish the first 9 images.

What syncs to the Shopee Seller Center?

Once a product is published to Shopee (see the previous question) it’s stock will be updated on Shopee whenever it changes on Shopify.

How long does it take for stocks to synchronize?

If stock is changed on Shopify it usually takes a few minutes to update Shopee. If there is a stock change on Shopee updates might take a few minutes to a day to reach Shopify.

When a sale happens on Shopee when does the stock get updated on Shopify? Does it happen when there is new order? Or when the payment is accepted? Or does it happen after it is fulfilled?

The stock is only taken out of Shopify after the order is fulfilled.

Will orders placed on Shopee appear within Shopify's admin?

Once your Shopee account has been connected to the App, orders from Shopee will be available the Orders page of Shopify's admin. The Shopee Order ID will be attached on the notes section of the Shopify Order. See below for an example.

If I cancel my order in Shopee, does that cancel on Shopify?

Yes. Whenever the order status changes on Shopee it will always be updated on Shopify.

I noticed that your app has created orders on Shopify with products that have not been published to Shopee. How is this going to affect my stock?

Only published products will have their stocks updated. Products that have not been published will not be affected.

What will happen if I apply a discount at my Shopee shop? If there is an order, what price will I see on the Shopify order?

If there is an order with published products the app will use the Shopify price (not the discounted Shopee price). The unpublished products on the order will use the discounted price.

Will orders placed on Shopify appear in Shopee's Seller Center?


If I cancel my order in Shopify, does that cancel on Shopee?


Do I need a Shopee Store to use this app?

Yes! You can start a Shopee Shop by visiting the Shopee seller center at

And creating an account there. Once you have a new Shopee Sellers account, please make sure that the Shopee store has Shipping options enabled. To do that you’ll need to go into the “My Shipping” section of the Shopee store settings and make sure that at least one of the options on the right is enabled:
After that you will be able to start publishing your products from Shopify to Shopee.

How do I disconnect Shopee from the app?

Please click on this link to disconnect Shopee from Shopee Channel